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Secure, simple auth for everything

Branded login pages, easy integration, and your choice of identity methods mean you can stop worrying about auth and start building.

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The login methods your users expect

Help your user feel at home and make sure they get the most secure experience possible
Identifier & Password
Familiar and simple password-based login.
Send Magic Linkacme.monocloud.com/link
Magic Links
No codes, no passwords. Just a simple link.
One-Time Passcodes
Send one-off codes by email or text.
Single Sign-On
OIDC-certified SSO for access to multiple applications.
Social Providers
Friction-free auth with the social providers your users trust.

Brand your login flow with our visual editor

Put trust at the heart of your login flows by building your brand into every step
Branding Customization
User Management

End-to-end user management

One place to see and manage your users, their auth providers, and history
User Management Page ScreenshotUser Profile Page Screenshot
Do more with MonoCloud

Secure everything from apps to APIs

User login is just the start. With MonoCloud you can secure and manage every aspect of your application architecture
API Protection
Build your own authentication infrastructure.
Mutual TLS
Two-way certificate-based authentication.
Global Session Management
Control and end user sessions across all devices.
MacOS (Chrome)Last Activity: 15 December 2023Location: New York, USAiOS (Safari)Last Activity: 3 March 2024Location: London, UK
Device Linking
No keyboard? No problem.
Scan the code to log in

Every byte secured

User data is safe in-flight and at rest, with multi-layered encryption where it counts.

Audit-Trail Logging
Keep track of every login from every user.
Jan 01 2024, 10:24:10 amAuthorization SuccessJan 04 2024, 03:33:40 pmUser Session ExtendedJan 08 2024, 06:21:42 pmAuthorization SuccessJan 20 2024, 11:31:59 pmToken Issued Success{"user_id": "318c2cfe-7918-4b9409e620579","event": "Token Issued Success","client_name": "shopping_app","grant_type": "authorization_code","location": "New York, US"}
Machine to Machine
Authenticate and authorize communication between services and devices.
Brute Force Protection
Automatically detect and deflect password guessing attacks.
Launching Soon

Next-up on the MonoCloud roadmap

When new authentication methods and requirements become available, MonoCloud will be ready
Multi-factor Authentication
Combine multiple auth methods to tackle evolving security threats.
Replace passwords with on-device biometrics.
More Social Providers
Reach more users faster with an ever growing list of social providers.
Custom Domains
Boost user trust by running your auth flow on your own domains.

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Single Sign On
Mutual TLS
Social Providers
User Management
Logs & Audit
API Protection
Account Protection