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Phone with login page Visualization

Flexible Authentication Options for your Users

Authentication dashboard

Configure user Sign up and Sign in with multiple methods

Select from password, email code, sms code, magic link and social providers.

Enable Single Sign-On

Allow users to sign in to multiple accounts with a single method.

OIDC Certified

Customisation to suit your Brand Guidelines

Craft a personalized login experience that perfectly aligns with your brand's identity

Branding pages

MTLS Authentication

Authenticate your applications / devices using mutual TLS and custom certificates (launching soon).

Add and test Certificates

Add & Test Certificates

Add Certificate Modal

Store & Manage Certificates

Add Certificate Modal

User Management

Add, Edit, Delete, Lock / Unlock users from the dashboard.

User Management
User Management

Launching Soon!

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authenticators such as Email, Sms, OTP Authenticators & FIDO.

PassKey Authentication

Allow users to authenticate without the need for a password or any traditional methods.

Mutual TLS

Mutual TLS allows you to authenticate your application and devices using certificates.

Session Management

See a list of devices where you are logged in and optionally sign out from everywhere.

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